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Barbie, Fashion Icon of the 60's

Photo Gallery

New Pics New Pics Brunette Flocked Hair Ken 197815584 Platinum TNT 197815585 Fashion Photo Barbie, PJ and Christie 197815586 Brunette #4 in Orange Blossom 197815587 Mod Hair Ken 197815588 B/L Midge in Saturday Night Date 197815589 Titian TNT in her original outfit 197815590 Brunette Marlo Flip in Leisure Leopard 197815591 #1 Blonde Ponytail Barbie in her original outfit. 197815592 Brownette Bubble in Cruise Stripes 197815593 Talking PJ 197815594 Black Barbie in Tuesday Taylor's Penthouse Apartment 197815595 Titian TNT 197815596 197815597 European Superstar Barbie 197815598 Olympic Gymnast PJ 197815599 Western Ken and Hawaiian Superstar Barbie in Paint the Town Red 197815600 Live Action Ken in Caf� Today 197815601 Fashion Photo PJ in Best Buy from 1979 197815602 Side Part AG in Country Club Dance 197815603 Long Haired Blonde AG 197815604 Brunette AG in Pan Am 197815605 Cinnamon AG 197815606 GPH Barbie in Dancing Lights 197815607 Superstar Barbie and Ken 197815608 Pilot Ken 197815609 Ash Blonde Bubble with Pink Lips in Barbie Learns to Cook 197815610 #3 Ponytail 197815611