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Barbie, Fashion Icon of the 60's

Photo Gallery

Barbie in Japan Barbie in Japan Another view of the garden bridge... 98229496 By the Torii gate 98229497 Sunset in Japan 98229498 Beautiful Girl 98229499 98230603 98304336 98304337 98304338 98304339 The rear view showing the bow at back of the obi. 98305658 Close-up of the bow on the obi I believe this is called a "box" bow, but will double check on it. 98305659 The obi, obi-jime and obi-age The obi is, of course the wide "belt". This one is a red and gold-silver brocade. The obi-jime is the thin gold braided tie, and the obi-age is the tie-dyed pink-and red scarf-like piece that is traditionally tucked into the top of the obi. 98305660 Furisode Kimono 98998967 Furisode 98998968 98998969 Japanese purse 98998970 Geisha 98998971 Yukata Kimono 98998972 BArbie's purse 99000458 Tomesode Kimono 99013211