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Barbie, Fashion Icon of the 60's

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#3 BLONDE PONYTAIL!  You are sweet, sometimes a bit shy, and you can seem innocent (even if you're NOT!).  You have a delicate beauty that appears slightly fragile, but inside you're pretty resilient!  You LOVE romance.
BUBBLECUT! You like to look neat (you HATE  bad hair days!) and fresh.  You are down-to-earth, enjoy a nice evening at home and great home-cooking!  You love romance, but you do like to keep things a little more practical.
#5 PONYTAIL!  You have a flair for drama, and you ADORE a night out at a glitzy occasion!  If you could choose any career, you would be a nightclub singer.  if it's luxe, you love it!
#1 PONYTAIL! You, darling, are THE "IT" Girl!  You love the night life and the city lights!  You are sweet (except when you're NOT!) and you adore walking down a Paris boulevard in your finest.  Fiercely independent, you are always "numero uno", baby!!
AMERICAN GIRL!  You are the FASHIONISTA!  You wouldn't miss an episode of "Project Runway" just to trash all those outfits!  You would love nothing more than to be the editor of "Vogue" or a buyer for Prada.
MOD Girl!  You are SO at home on Carnaby Street!  You adore the VERY latest in trends, and you wouldn't be caught dead in anything LAST-YEAR!  You are fun, and love the carefree lifestyle!
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